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NBC News London – Stockholm COVID 19 – production

Production services for reporting in Stockholm for NBC

On Thin Ice – Frozen fish Report

A special report on the deep frozen fish industry in Iceland, sustainable fisheries leader. Frozen fish packages have individual tracking numbers allowing for unprecedented quality control. The fishing boat’s name, date time and geoocoordinates of the catch are public. Why does the global fishing industry not follow suit, and what does it mean for the consumer?

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Antibiotics in food

Sweden has some of the harshest health controls for the meat industry not only in the EU, but in the whole world. In Sweden farm pigs get enough space to move around and only get antibiotics when they are sick, by law. Why is this not common practice wordlwide?

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Good Fat, Bad Fat

Stringent food fat quality control and ban on transfats is good for health. We visit Denmark to find out why a simple change in consumer food law has increased life for the population by as much as 5 years.

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A mouthful of poison

Sweden banned the use of dental amalgams, but thousands of people still suffer from adverse reactions to toxic mercury they contain. We hear the story of Katya, who was suffering from suicidal depression and partial paralisys due to poisonous dental fillings, and about her amazing recovery after their removal. Experts weigh in on the need of a global ban of quicksilver in dentistry. Why is dental quicksilver still being used?

Home appliance apocalypse

In the EU, it is cheaper to buy new as opposed to repair old home appliances. Or is it? We talk to one of the few remaining independent repairmen in Sweden and follow the path of consumer money via cheap appliances to the dump.

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Energy Overload – Energy Drinks and Health

Swedish retail chains set a global industry example of stewardship by voluntarily limiting sales of energy drinks to minors under 15. This self-imposed ban is about to become law. We talk to a truck driver that has personal experience with chronic health ailments caused by beverages with a buzz, and why he will never allow his children to drink stimulating soda pop.

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Something’s Fishy – Dioxins in the Baltic Sea

Swedes love to eat traditional fermented fish, surströmming, yet the ministry of health recommends pregnant women and children avoid produce from the poisoned Baltic sea. The EU bans Baltic fish outright as hazardous to health. What are the growing risks of dioxins, and how do you avoid them?

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